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Overland Park area residents who are interested in selling their home have a broad spectrum of real estate tools and technologies to sell a home quickly for a reasonable price. 

Natives as well as transplants to the Overland Park area agree there are many benefits to living here and location is important to an Overland Park area home selling quickly. However, a homeowner is vital to the process and can do much to make the home sell quickly with fewer bumps in the road.

Do Your Research!

The Overland Park area real estate market can change relatively quickly, therefore to sell a home fast and for the right price, homeowners should always price their home carefully. Researching the market is time well spent, saving you money and time. Learning about recent home sale prices can help a seller better determine a fair asking price for their home. 

An Overland Park area real estate agent can provide this information and more. Pricing the home correctly is just one step in the process. By finding out what types of homes are selling in the area, the average price range, and the terms associated with homes sold, Overland Park area home owners are able to price their home at a competitive level and attract the interest of potential buyers.

Finding Homes Like Yours - Simple (Or Is It?)

Sellers should learn about other homes on the market in their area of the city in order to attract the interest of buyers. Homes similar in size with similar amenities on the market at the same time are your competition. If a seller wants to sell quickly, a competitive price will result in an offer much sooner and could produce a multiple offer scenario. A quick sale means your life goes back to normal sooner and you can move forward to the next phase. Sometimes though, establishing which houses are like yours isn't all that easy. Not everyone sees your house as you do or values the same things you do. Remember, you're not only establishing the value of your home for buyers, but for appraisers and lenders (in most instances) as well.  

Contact a Trusted Overland Park Area Real Estate Agent

The best way for any seller to ensure that they receive top dollar for their property is to get in touch with a reliable Overland Park area real estate agent. While all of these tips can help increase a homeowner's chances of selling their home for a good price, an agent possesses the real estate market expertise, established networks, and marketing skills to attract the attention of serious buyers.

Contact Tom McChesney for more info on Overland Park Home Values

Tom McChesney, with Keller Williams Key Partners LLC is available to help Kansas City metro residents place their home on the market. Tom is a trusted resource for answers about the process and he employs innovative marketing strategies to bring about a sale. With his professional affiliations, he can target other real estate agents working with buyers for homes like yours. Tom offers support from list to close (and beyond) and he is able to effectively manage sensitive negotiations. Sellers in need of a high-quality and responsible real estate agent should contact Tom McChesney today for more information on how to sell their home quickly at a reasonable price. Tom McChesney can be contacted at 913-908-2453.


Click here to see the one EASY thing you can do to sell your house quickly and for more money!